Opal: October Birthstone Jewelry

As the birthstone of October, opal is a gorgeous gemstone that is known for it's radiant displays of color that change right before your eyes. This gemstone gets it's shine from within by reflecting and bouncing light off of the silica chips found in the stone. At Kay, our selection of gorgeous opal rings, opal necklaces and other opal jewelry makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Find opal surrounded by your favorite precious metals such as sterling silver, gold and rose gold. One thing is for sure - no other gemstone is quite like opal.

COLOR: Multicolor, generally white with colorful flecks, known as play-of-color. The base color can range widely in color as well. Warm colors are rarer and more valuable than cool colors.

DURABILITY: Fair to poor toughness. Opals, because they have no regular crystaline structure and frequently contain a high percentage of water, should be treated with care.

CARE: Treat gently. Wipe opals with a soft cloth. Bring to Kay Jewelers to have the stone cleaned and checked professionally. Never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners.


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