Modernizing Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are inherently unique and personal. Each charm holds personal meaning: hobbies, travel, a birthstone, favorite colors. Because each charm is carefully selected, charm bracelets are often a favorite stylish gift.

Charm bracelets have a long history, dating back centuries. Queen Victoria is credited with popularizing the charm bracelet style we think of today.


A traditional charm bracelet is a simple metal link chain decorated with dangling charms collected over time. Rembrandt Charms has a wide variety of this style of charm, representing hobbies, sports, careers, animals, faith, and travel.

European Bead-style

A newer trend in charm bracelets began in Europe and quickly moved to the U.S. - charm beads. With this style, the bead is considered the charm. Some dangle, like traditional charms, while others are just a bead.

Bead style charms can be decorated with glass or enamel, making them a more colorful option. They fit on a snake chain, or can be worn on a thin bracelet made of leather or cord.

More Than Bracelets

Charms have evolved beyond just bracelets. They can be seen stung on long chains, as decorative accents on purses or zippers, and can even be added to some styles of earrings.


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