Matching Wedding Bands: Advice to Help You Decide

The engagement ring may be the hot-ticket item when a proposal is made, but the wedding band is equally significant.

One of the first steps in finding your perfect wedding bands is deciding if you want the bride's band and the groom's band to match. Here are some things to consider.

Match your bands if you want:

  • The rings to undeniably express that you and your partner are one unit.
  • To show that you have similar styles that are perfectly matched for each other.
  • To honor tradition.

Matching doesn't sound quite like your style?

Consider separate style bands if:

  • You each want to show your individuality.
  • You don't want to pressure your partner into a style he or she doesn't totally love.
  • You want a personally customized ring, suited to your hand size, shape and skin tone.

What if the two of you still can't decide?

Complementary rings could be your answer:

  • Two bands of different styles but identical metals.
  • Two bands of different metals but the same style.

Your Kay jewelry consultant will be able to offer advice and show you a number of options but coming in with an idea of what works for you will give you a great place to start.


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