Invented by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, the Ideal Cut is still the benchmark by which all diamonds are judged to this day. Mathematically designed to optimal proportions and symmetry, the Ideal Cut maximizes the 3 elements of light in the diamond: Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle, the secret to unlocking its true beauty. All Tolkowsky Ideal Cut diamonds carry the cut specification of 'Ideal' in cut grade on the diamond certificate, the highest classification possible.

For the perfect proposal, say YES to the Ideal Cut diamond

Invented & perfected by TOLKOWSKY

Tolkowsky Diamonds

Pristine quality and luxurious diamonds are the center of Tolkowsky engagement rings. As a brand, Tolkowsky is know for their Ideal Cut Diamond which maximizes the elements of light in a diamond, creating a sparkle like no other. At Kay, our collection of Tolkowsky engagement rings showcases this incredible brand with solitaire styles, three stone engagement rings, bold halo designs and more. When you look at a Tolkowsky diamond, you can see the expert craftsmanship and precision that goes into their work. With maximum sparkle and gorgeous design, a Tolkowsky engagement ring is anything but ordinary.


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