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three-stone engagement rings

Three-stone engagement rings are the latest in a long line of jewelry trends set by royalty. Discover modern and chic updates to this enchanting symbol of love.

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halo engagement rings

Royals have known for generations that a diamond halo is a gorgeous complement to a stunning center stone. Look no further than this collection to see for yourself.

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Religious Jewelry at KAY

Royal jewelry styles such as tiaras, crowns and three stone diamond rings will make you feel like a princess. With so many exciting things happening in the royal world, princess jewelry and royal jewelry styles are the perfect way to feel royal yourself. A classic symbol for a princess or queen, crown jewelry is a staple to have in your wardrobe. Extravagant design and beautiful detail are what make crown jewelry so unique. From rings to earrings and more, crown jewelry decorated in diamonds is a sure way to catch your prince's eye. Similar to crown jewelry but more simple in design, tiara jewelry is another way to show off your royal style. Channel your inner princess with gorgeous tiara jewelry fit for a queen. Elegant in style and fascinating in design, tiara jewelry is an effortless way to bring a slice of royalty to your life. Royal jewelry styles and inspired princess jewelry go beyond the latest fashion accessories. Get ready to say "I Do" and make her feel like the princess she is with gorgeous eye-catching and sparkling three stone engagement rings. Three stone engagement rings are a timeless choice that are perfect for a soon-to-be-princess. With three radiant diamond stones, three stone engagement rings are an impressive and meaningful way to express your everlasting love for one another.

What is a halo engagement ring?

A halo engagement ring features a design that surrounds a center stone encircled with smaller stones for a breathtaking effect. Not only are halo rings beautiful, many adore its ability to enlarge the look of the engagement ring center diamond or gem. Center white diamond accented with more white diamonds can be the perfect look for a classic bride-to-be. Halo rings can add extra shine and sparkle to any engagement ring cut. Explore designer engagement rings like Neil Lane for stunning halo engagement rings. If want to make the engagement ring even more personal, customize your own halo engagement ring with our Create Your Own engagement ring feature!

What is a three-stone engagement ring?

The three-stone engagement ring has recently become a popular engagement ring design again thanks to royalty. Three stone engagement rings are a gorgeous choice as they can symbolize the past, present and future of your relationship; however, the three stone ring can represent whatever you please! Three-stone diamond rings are an effortless combination of elegance and sparkle. This stylish and classic look comes in an array of breathtaking shapes and designs. Explore your creative side with our custom engagement ring feature personalize your three-stone ring today!

What is a princess-cut diamond?

The princess-cut diamond is a square shape with pointed corners and is the second-most popular shape next to round for engagement rings. The princess-cut shape is versatile, making a statement as a single stone or play it up with a three stone engagement ring. No matter the style, the princess-cut shape is sure to capture your heart with its dazzling sparkle and modern look. Create a custom engagement ring with princess-diamonds with our Create Your Own engagement ring feature!

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