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July's Birthstone: Ruby

July's Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby is the birthstone for July.

Birthstone jewelry gifts are personal and meaningful, and perfect for many occasions such as a special birthday, graduation, or an anniversary.

Rubies are associated with life force and vitality and are said to amplify passion, heighten desire, promote courage, and bring success in love and battle.

COLOR: Red, sometimes with hints of brown, purple or pink.

DURABILITY: Very good to excellent toughness. Good for everyday wear. Although it is one of the hardest of gemstones, rubies can still be chipped or scratched if struck.

CARE: Rubies can be cleaned by immersing them in a good jewelry cleaner or lukewarm, soapy water and cleaned gently with a soft toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft cloth.


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