Help your sweetie surprise you with the perfect engagement ring

You're in love, committed and in it for the long haul. You know your sweetheart is getting ready to pop the question. Yes, that question. It's a very exciting time in your lives.

While many couples these days enjoy shopping for the engagement ring together, you know he wants to surprise you with the perfect proposal and perfect engagement ring.

But he's never made a purchase of this size and importance before. He wants to do this on his own, but to knock it out of the park, he's going to need some sort of input from you.

And you're ready. You've done your homework and tried on different rings. You've figured out your favorite style, cut, setting, and metal. You know the kind of ring you want.

You'll need to let him know in some way. And he probably wants you to let him know. Tell him in the ways that you know will work for him, whether that's direct, subtle, or anywhere in between. Or consider sharing these details with someone he might be comfortable asking for help, like a best friend.

You could use social media outlets, like Facebook or Pinterest, to collect ring ideas and share them with him. Show him your favorite jewelry to help him feel sure about your preferences.

And remember, you're in love, and deciding to get married is the focus. You're saying yes to the next stage of your life, and that's what's most important.


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