How Do I Know Her Ring Size?

How Do I Know Her Ring Size?

Your surprise proposal may be foiled by a tiny, but very important detail: You don't know what size to make the engagement ring!

Re-sizing is an easy option for plain gold bands. Most rings, even those with diamonds or gems in the shank, can be sized up or down one size - though after that, it starts to compromise the integrity of the setting. But if you're looking at harder metals, such as platinum, or a band with diamonds all the way around, re-sizing can be difficult, expensive or impossible.

Plus, right after your engagement is when she'll want to show off her ring the most, so you'll want to get the size as close as possible.
Here are a few tips to finding out her ring secret.

Grab another ring:
If only it were this easy!
It's best to compare a ring that she already wears on the same finger and hand, though many women reserve their left ring finger for their future engagement ring. If that's the case, choose a ring she wears on her right-hand ring finger for comparison.
If it's a ring she doesn't wear often, it should be no problem to secretly remove it from her jewelry box and take it to a jeweler to determine size, or use our online ring size tool to compare .
But if she wears it every day, you'll need to be sneakier than that. Press the ring into a piece of clay or bar of soap. Then take it to your jeweler, who will produce a keychain of ring sizers to compare to the impression. You can also try it on and see where it hits you on your own finger.

Enlist the help of a friend:
If you are on good terms with the best friend/sister/mom of your bride-to-be, you may consider enlisting their help. They may not know her ring size, but if they're sneaky enough, they may be able to find out without giving anything away.

Go shopping:
If you're at an art festival or flea market or somewhere else with costume jewelry rings, act like you're fooling around and start slipping them on - and encourage her to do the same.
If you're really in doubt, it may be best to get her involved. Start a conversation about getting married someday or start browsing together. The details of the proposal can still remain a surprise! You can also use a basic ring for the proposal and shop together later. This way she'll have an engagement ring that's a perfect fit - in more ways than one.


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