The 4C's of Diamonds: The Basics to Buying an Engagement Ring

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight are the qualities that come together to define the unique beauty of your diamond. The 4Cs also determine the value of your diamond. While all of the 4Cs are essential, each individual has her own opinion on which C is the most important to her. To some, the quality of the carat may be more pertinent than the cut of the diamond, while others favor the color of their stone compared to its clarity. Understanding the 4Cs and understanding your preference can help you choose the diamond that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Discover what each of the 4C's means below.

Carat- The measure of weight for a diamond.

Learn more about carat weight

Color - A grading scale by diamond color.

Learn more about color

Clarity - What are inclusions and blemishes?

Learn more about clarity

Cut - Cut can be the most important C of all

Learn more about cut


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