Giving Her Diamonds for the Holidays? What You Should Consider

The holidays are fast approaching! This year, you've had a stroke of brilliance when it comes to gift giving - diamonds. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right piece of jewelry for her:

  • Her lifestyle and activities. Select a piece of diamond jewelry that will fit into her routine well. If she is active or uses her hands a lot, consider something sportier like stud earrings.
  • Her wish list. Pay attention! She might be dropping clues here and there about what she might be coveting or missing from her jewelry wardrobe. Try to get a peek at her Pinterest board or talk to one of her friends to get some good intel.

Bracelet ideas

The possibilities are endless. Go delicate or chunky, stackable or singular. Just pick a diamond bracelet that will suit her life and style.

Necklace ideas

Looking to make a splash this holiday? Think bold and big. A pendant with a large beautiful stone will dazzle her. If that is out of range, something subtle and shimmery goes with everything.

Earring ideas

Something she can get use out of every day is a pair of diamond studs. A more elaborate pair of special occasion earrings would also be lovely. Look at vintage-inspired designs and dangling styles.

Ring ideas

You may have already considered this, but just in case - be cautious of giving her a diamond ring if you're not married or ready to propose. If you want to avoid any confusion, go for a pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet. If you two are already married, a diamond band or a ring that features a color diamond is sure to make her heart sing.


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