The Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Anniversary Ring

How to wear it

Anniversary bands can be worn the following ways:

  • Stacked with the engagement ring and wedding band
  • Stacked with just an engagement ring, replacing the wedding band
  • Worn on the other hand or on a different finger

To match or not to match

First, consider if the ring will be worn alongside an engagement ring and wedding band. If so, it is very in style to mix the colors of gold, but a matching ring is also a classic look. Either way, be sure the style is such that it stacks easily with the other bands.

If the anniversary band will be worn separately, there is no need to worry about finding a similar style, unless so desired.

Incorporate tradition?

Each anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it, and many are connected to a particular metal or stone, particularly big milestone years. Consider if you'd like to incorporate a significant metal or stone as part of your anniversary band by checking traditional anniversary gift lists.


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