Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds®

What are Chocolate Diamonds®?

Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are genuine, rare, natural, fancy color Chocolate Diamonds® responsibly sourced by Le Vian as key ingredients of masterfully created original and exclusive, mouthwatering creations by the world renown, award winning Le Vian Chocolatier®. Each decadent design is a delicious bejeweled dessert worthy of becoming the symbol of a woman's individuality. Le Vian employs strict standards for its selection of Chocolate Diamonds: only the top 5% and only those in the C4 to C7 color range for styles that feature .30 carats and smaller and C5 to C7 for diamonds that are larger than .30 carats. Clarity for Chocolate Diamonds® is SI clarity or better, which means the diamond is "eye clean," not visible to the naked eye. Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are cut to Le Vian's exacting standards.


Experience Chocolate Diamonds® in a whole new way with our ombre styles.

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Kay & Le Vian: Coloring Your World

Whether as a fashion statement or an expression of engagement, Kay® Jewelers' exclusive new Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® collections will delight chocolate lovers with the patent pending Chocolate Ombre collection, as well as the sexy Chocolate Silhouette and the new Le Vian Royalty collections. The signature Le Vian Bolo Bracelet has redefined the new MUST HAVE fashion jewelry of choice in America. Discover the Legend of Le Vian®, a family business from Ancient Royalty to Today's Red Carpet and indulge in the world's most addictive natural color diamond delicacies.

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