Anniversary Metals 101

You may or may not be familiar with the big anniversary metals such as sterling silver and gold . Diamonds are always a gorgeous and meaningful gift, but knowing which metal is associated with your anniversary could bring even more gift ideas. Here, you'll find a quick-guide of the major anniversary metals you should know.

11th Anniversary: Steel

A stainless steel watch may be a practical gift, but it certainly isn't boring. Explore styles from iconic brands to find one she'll love.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Sterling silver pairs beautifully with diamonds, so consider a classic style with some sparkle. Diamond hoop earrings or a diamond bracelet is always a great choice. Some lists also pair silver with the 16th anniversary.

50th Anniversary: Gold

The timeless beauty of gold is perfect for your 50th anniversary. While yellow gold is most commonly associated with this anniversary, a diamond band in any color of gold is a gorgeous celebration of this milestone.


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