Gemstones by Anniversary Year: Master List

Need to know which gemstone is traditional for your upcoming anniversary? We've got you covered from your first anniversary to a jubilee (a landmark anniversary) and beyond. Some people also follow traditional metal gifts to celebrate an anniversary - you can find that information here .

Some gemstones repeat themselves a few times, but she won't object to receiving something like a sapphire twice in one lifetime.

Second: Garnet

Third: Cultured Pearls

Fourth: Blue Topaz

Fifth: Sapphire

Sixth: Amethyst

Seventh: Onyx

Eighth: Tourmaline

Tenth: Diamond

Twelfth: Jade

Thirteenth: Citrine

Fourteenth: Opal

Fifteenth: Ruby

Sixteenth: Peridot

Nineteenth: Aquamarine

Twentieth: Emerald

Twenty-Fourth: Tanzanite

Thirtieth: Pearl Jubilee

Thirty-Fifth: Emerald

Fortieth: Ruby Jubilee

Forty-Fifth: Sapphire

Fifty-Fifth: Alexandrite

Sixtieth: Diamond Jubilee

Sixty-Fifth: Sapphire Jubilee

Eightieth: Ruby


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