Winter Fashion Trends 2018

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With a new season comes new fashion accessories. Shop our collection of winter jewelry for a special gift, or a trendy little something for your winter wardrobe. Explore a resurgence of classic jewelry with some flare like three-stone jewelry, gold jewelry, and vibrant gemstone jewelry. Shop our new winter trending collections including Signature Hearts and Love + Be Loved for modern love jewelry designs.

Winter Fashion Trend: Three-Stone Jewelry

A hot winter trend for 2018 is three-stone jewelry . This classic design has taken on many meanings, but the three stones can represent anything you want them to. Explore three-stone necklaces and pendants, trendy three-stone earrings, delicate three-stone diamond bracelets and breathtaking three-stone diamond rings and three-stone engagement rings for that special someone.

Winter Fashion Trend: Gold Jewelry

Although gold jewelry seems to always be in style, gold jewelry is a must-have for winter fashion 2018. Choose from classic gold jewelry like yellow gold chains for men and white gold rings for women. Give a truly romantic gift with rose gold jewelry to a special woman in your life, or a trendy fashion accessory for yourself. Gold jewelry can be adorned with sparkling diamonds and gemstones or can shine bright on its own.

Winter Fashion Trend: Tonal Gemstones

If you have a bold and unique style then tonal gemstones are a must for your winter wardrobe. A popular winter trend for 2018, tonal gemstones add extravagant color to your winter accessories. These tonal gemstone jewelry pieces include an assortment of different gemstones together on one jewelry piece for a unique and bold look. Shop a variety of gemstones including blue topaz, tanzanite, amethyst, garnet, iolite, tourmaline, morganite and more.

Winter Fashion Trend: Signature Heart Collection

Update your heart necklace with a Signature Heart pendant for a modern look on the classic heart-shaped jewelry gift. The Signature Heart collection includes a variety of heart jewelry with dimension. Shop by metal including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver heart-shaped jewelry. Explore different styles including heart pendants, rings, bracelets and heart earrings. The Signature Heart collection comes in an assortment of prices, so you'll be sure to find modern heart-shaped jewelry at an affordable price for your holiday budget. The Signature Heart collection has such a trendy look it's also a great gift for yourself for Winter 2018.

Winter Fashion Trend: Love + Be Loved Collection

Looped jewelry is a popular fashion trend for Winter 2018. This unique jewelry style is the perfect gift this season. The two interlocking loops represent the unbroken and inseparable bond that two people share. Explore the interlocking loop jewelry in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. The Love + Be Loved collection is a great fashion accessory for Winter 2018 Trends for its bold design and loving meaning.

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