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The Leo Diamond is handcrafted by master diamond artisans at Leo Schachter and certified to be visibly brighter. Its unique, patented cut results in a fire, sparkle and brilliance that will absolutely take your breath away. Compare a conventional diamond to a Leo Diamond and you can easily see the difference for yourself.

Every Leo Diamond .05 carat and larger is independently and individually measured for superior fire, sparkle and brilliance. The certification of that brilliance, known as "return of light," is your written proof. EVERY Leo Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring and Bridal center stone is guaranteed to score at least two "VERY HIGH" ratings on the Light Performance Report. ALL OTHER Leo Diamonds .05 carat and larger are guaranteed to score a minimum of three "HIGH" ratings on the Light Performance Report. GemEx Systems is an independent laboratory that provides certification stating the measurement of your Leo Diamond's fire, sparkle and brilliance as shown on this chart.

Every Leo Diamond is independently certified as to its quality and authenticity.

All Leo Diamond Jewelry has been issued a unique serial number. Gemscribe® allows this unique serial number to be visible under 10x magnification. So, your Leo Diamond cannot possibly be mistaken for any other diamond. The serial number on the certificate matches the serial number on your Leo Diamond.

Over the course of four generations, the artisans at Leo Schachter have masterfully cut, designed and polished diamonds. They are relied upon around the world to ensure the authenticity, value and desirability of their diamonds. The Leo Diamond®, the only diamond to bear Leo Schachter's name, is the first diamond ever independently and individually certified to be Visibly Brighter. With the reputation of Leo Schachter behind it, The Leo Diamond® has become one of the most coveted diamonds. Ever.

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