Sea Magic Cultured Pearls by Mikimoto


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Kay is pleased to be an authorized jeweler for Sea Magic Cultured Pearls® by Mikimoto. Only the top 6 to 10 percent of the cultured pearls harvested annually meet these strict quality standards, making Sea Magic Cultured Pearls® by Mikimoto some of the finest in the world.

Since 1893, the Mikimoto name has been synonymous with quality and elegance in cultured pearls. Their standard of excellence distinguishes them from all others.

After the mid-1800s, Japan became deeply involved with foreign trade, and its natural pearls, already regarded as precious, became more treasured than ever. At the same time, the pearl oysters around Kokichi Mikimoto's hometown of Ise-Shima were being over-harvested to a crisis point. Mikimoto threw himself into the task of seeding oysters and creating pearls, and for decades, he spent every waking hour on research and experiments. In 1893, Mikimoto succeeded in culturing the first pearl.

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