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Diamond Gemscope

The most valuable merchandise we have in our stores is our customer's jewelry repair. Every piece of jewelry is more than the sum of its precious gemstones and metal. It represents the story of love and joy that is unique to that customer. With the help of our Diamond Gemscope, we are able to carefully examine our customer's merchandise, identify the unique characteristics that make their piece unique, and determine what repairs are necessary to restore its beauty. We can also confirm the authenticity of the diamonds and color gemstones in each piece. With this system, we can capture digital images of jewelry using our in-store tablets. We can then annotate and plot the unique characteristics of each piece and email those images to our customers to ensure we are performing the repairs they have requested. When the repair has been completed, we provide the customer with a side-by-side view of the item with our Diamond Gemscope to ensure their satisfaction. All jewelry repair work comes with a six-month guarantee on the workmanship.

Our 9 step repair take-in process:

  • We clean and inspect your jewelry, checking for loose stones under a gemscope.
  • We use a gemscope to view characteristics and identify needed repairs.
  • We fill out a repair ticket, which includes a detailed description of your jewelry.
  • We diamond test to confirm if your jewelry contains a genuine diamond.
  • We use a digital gemscope to take a picture of your center stone(s), plot prominent characteristics and email the image to you and our Design & Service Center for later confirmation; we also document the diamond's Gemscribe number, if applicable.
  • We discuss with you your diamond's prominent characteristics and any recommended repairs.
  • We determine if your jewelry is covered under the Extended Service Plan and/or the Lifetime Diamond and Color Gemstone Guarantee.
  • For your peace of mind, we obtain management approval for any repair valued over $1000.
  • We always obtain your signature for approval before we begin any repair.

Our 5 step process to inspect repair:

  • We confirm all repairs have been received from our Design & Service Center.
  • We make sure that the repair received matches the repair ticket.
  • We confirm that the description and image on the repair ticket match what has been received.
  • We diamond test to confirm if your jewelry contains a genuine diamond.
  • Using a gemscope, we confirm that the plotting and Gemscribe number, if applicable, match what is documented.

Our 7 step repair delivery process:

  • We ask for your copy of the repair ticket or other identification to give you peace of mind.
  • We present you with your jewelry to inspect.
  • We affirm that all repair work has been completed to your satisfaction.
  • We diamond test to confirm if your jewelry contains a genuine diamond.
  • Using the digital gemscope, we do a side-by-side comparison of your original image to the completed repair's image, confirming the center stone(s) prominent characteristics and Gemscribe number, if applicable.
  • We obtain your signature once you are 100% satisfied with the quality of the work.
  • We provide a six month guarantee on the workmanship of all repairs.

Diamond Test

Prior to jewelry being taken in for repair, when it is received from the Design & Service Center, and again at the completion of repair, we test your diamond with a diamond tester to give you peace of mind.

To achieve accurate results:

  • We make sure the stone and our hands are clean and dry.
  • We make sure the tip of the tester is perpendicular to the table of the stone.
  • We avoid the probe touching metal or other parts of the ring when testing a stone.
  • We have our fingers touching the metal pad on the side of the tester when using testers with moissanite capabilities.
  • We wait for at least three seconds between testings because the testers/stones can retain heat.
  • We make sure the probe remains in contact with the stone for at least two full seconds after an initial indication of the material type when using devices that test for diamond, moissanite, white sapphire and cubic zirconia so that all tests can complete.


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