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Lois Hill Jewelry

Ancient ruins, classic museums, a 17th century bracelet, or a woven basket from an open-air market in Egypt—the mundane as well as the extraordinary—these serve as the inspiration for Lois Hill. Each piece she creates reflects months of study, interpretation and refinement. Lois Hill is known for her unique combination of unrelated arts, spanning centuries and continents.

Lois Hill Jewelry

Granulation & Filigree: Lois Hill combines elements of contemporary Scandinavian filigree with the art of granulation dating back to 3000 BC, Hand-carved Sterling Silver: Utilizing the prehistoric method of hand carving with hammer and chisel, Lois Hill elegantly carves sterling silver on an organic mixture of tree sap and wax.

Textile Weave: The tribes of Northern Thailand inspire Lois Hill's intricate, fabric-like weave. The work is so refined, it takes a full day to weave just one inch.

Lois Hill Video - Reaching back through centuries and around the globe, unearthing the past, infusing the contemporary, creating the timeless.


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