Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section contains answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Please select a topic below to begin. If you are unable to find an answer to your question here, please contact our Customer Care Department for additional assistance.

Kay Credit

What are the advantages to paying my bill on-line?

* It's Convenient
* It's Simple
* It's Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Are there any restrictions to the amount I can pay on-line?

You have the ability to pay up to the total balance on your account.

What if I am past due on my payment and need assistance?

We understand that difficult times can make paying your bills harder. We would like to help. In order to help with your specific situation, we need to speak with you. Please call us at 1-800-877-8194.

What if I need assistance or have questions, who can I contact?

E-mail us at Kay Customer Care or call 1-800-877-3616.

When will my on-line payment be posted to my account?

Payment will be posted to your account on the same day it is received. Any payment received after 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) will be posted the following day.

What happens if I make my payment on the weekend or on a Holiday?

Payment will be posted to your account on the same day it is received. Any payment received after 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) will be posted the following day.

Can I date my payment for a future date?

Yes, you may date your payment for a future date.

How long does it take from the time I make a payment until the funds are debited from my bank account?

We process payments daily, but we cannot determine the exact timing of the actual withdrawal.

Do I have to enter my payment information every time I make a payment?

No. You can choose to save your checking or savings account information when you enter your payment information.

Can I set up automatic payments on-line, to pay my bill each month?

You may set up payments to recur each month on a specified date for a specified amount, for up to 24 months. NOTE: If you make additional purchases which increase your monthly minimum payment, you will need to go on-line and adjust the payments as needed to meet the minimum monthly payment owed if you wish to continue to pay your bill that way. Please review your statement each month to be sure the payment is sufficient.

What is a pending transaction?

A pending transaction is one that has yet to go through our daily system processing. Once this processing is complete, the transaction will be updated on your account.

If I want to mail a payment , what address should I send it to?

Kay Jewelers
PO Box 740425
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0425

How do I change my Personal Account Information (i.e. address, phone number, e-mail address)?

To change your Registration address, phone number, or email, go to the Personal Information link under My Account . To change your Credit Account address or phone number, go to the Credit Account link under My Credit Account and select Update Credit Account Profile.

I forgot my password or user ID; can I get them e-mailed to me?

Visit our password reminder page and a new password will be delivered to your e-mail address. Please remember to enter the e-mail used when you registered. Please note that you will be required to change your password after you first login.

Can I change my password or user ID?

After you login, visit our registration page and you can modify your e-mail address and your password.

I've opened another Kay Jewelers account, how do I access this account when I login?

You can easily add additional accounts to your online profile by visiting the register credit account page.

What is Registering a Credit Account?

Registering a Credit Account allows you to access an account each time you visit Once an account is registered, you will see it listed under your List of Credit Accounts.

What is Unregistering a Credit Account?

Unregistering a Credit Account allows you to remove an account you have previously registered. Once an account is unregistered, you will no longer see the account under your List of Credit Accounts.

Can I receive a copy of my Kay Jewelers Credit Card Agreement?

A copy of the current Kay Jewelers Credit Card Agreement may be obtained at the following link .

How Can I get a copy of the Kay Jewelers Credit Card Agreement specific to my account?

A copy of your current Kay Jewelers Credit Card Agreement may be obtained by contacting customer service at the following link .

Return and Refund

What is the Kay Jewelers return and refund policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 60 days to any Kay Jewelers or Or you may exchange it within 90 days of purchase at any Kay Jewelers.* Watches in original condition (unworn and unaltered), and accompanied by the original packaging, instructions, and warranty documents, may be returned or exchanged within 30 days at any Kay Jewelers or returned to* Custom designed merchandise, class rings, special ordered watches and items engraved with personalized information cannot be returned or exchanged. Learn more about our return and refund policy

*Exchanges are not accepted at

Guarantees and Service Plans

Do you offer any guarantees on your merchandise?

Kay Jewelers' Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee accompanies merchandise containing diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds.

In addition, you may purchase the Kay Jewelers Lifetime Extended Service Plan . The Extended Service Plan furnishes labor and parts necessary to maintain your merchandise in usable and wearable condition provided such service is necessitated by merchandise worn during normal conditions. This plan covers repairs to the mounting (setting) including future ring size adjustments, refinishing and polishing, and resetting your diamonds and gemstones. Note: The Extended Service Plan is not offered for certain metals such as Tungsten and Titanium. You must take your merchandise to a Kay Jewelers store location for service under this plan.

Contact Information

I would like to write a letter to your corporate offices. What address can I use?

The address for our corporate headquarters is:
Sterling Jewelers Inc.
375 Ghent Road
Akron, Ohio 44333

Payment Address

If I want to mail a payment , what address should I send it to?

Kay Jewelers
PO Box 740425
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0425

*Please include your Kay credit account number on your check or money order. Do not send cash. Cash payments may only be made at one of our Kay Jewelers store locations .

Online Orders

How will I know when my order is ready for pick up at my Kay Jewelers store?
Your order will be shipped from to the Kay store of your choice. You will receive an email (and text message if selected at checkout) advising you when your order is shipped and another email when your order is ready for pick up.

When will my credit card be charged for my in-store pick up?
Your credit card will be charged for your purchase the day the merchandise is shipped to the store.

Will I have to pay shipping charges if I request in-store pick up?
No, there are no shipping charges applied to orders shipped to a store.

Can I have someone other than me pick up my order?
No, for security reasons, the person who ordered the merchandise must be the one to pick up the order.

What do I need to bring with me to the store to pick up my order?
You must bring a valid photo ID (such as a driver's license). You will be required to sign for your merchandise when you arrive to pick it up.

If requested, can I have my merchandise gift wrapped at the store?
Yes, just inform the sales associate at the time of pick up and your merchandise will be gift wrapped free of charge.

How long do I have to pick up my merchandise?
Your order will be kept at the store for 30 days. After 30 days, your order will be returned to and your method of payment will be credited. You will be notified via email that we have received your returned order and that your method of payment has been credited.

Do I have the ability to cancel my order?
Orders may be canceled up to approximately one hour after they are placed through the Order Status page on If the option to cancel an order is not shown in the Order Status, the order has been transmitted to our fulfillment center and is no longer able to be canceled.
Note: Canceling an order or modifying an order may result in a pending hold on your bank-issued credit card or Kay account. These holds will typically be released in 2-5 business days and may impact the amount you have available to purchase.
The merchandise from a canceled or modified order may not be available for immediate re-purchase.

Am I able to make changes to my order after it has been placed?
Once an order has been submitted and you receive an order confirmation, you will not have the ability to make changes to that order. If you go to the Order Status page and use the "Modify" button (if available), your order will be canceled and you can place the order again with any necessary changes. If the "Modify" button is not available in the Order Status, the order has been transmitted to our fulfillment center and is no longer able to be modified.
Note: Canceling an order or modifying an order may result in a pending hold on your bank-issued credit card or Kay account. These holds will typically be released in 2-5 business days and may impact the amount you have available to purchase.
The merchandise from a canceled or modified order may not be available for immediate re-purchase.

Ring Sizing and Engraving

Do all rings come in the same size or are there different sizes available?
When you purchase a ring on, you will be shown the size (or sizes) in which the ring is available. If you select a size other than the standard ring size shown, service may be required to adjust it. Ring sizing service will take up to three additional business days. Certain metals such as tungsten and titanium cannot be sized. Learn more about Ring Sizing

If you do not see your ring size listed for a ring you like, please visit the Kay Jewelers store nearest you to to determine if a ring can be ordered in your size.

Do you offer engraving?
Kay Jewelers offers engraving on select merchandise. It can take up to ten days for this service. For a price quote on specific engraving requests, please visit your local Kay Jewelers . (Engraving is not available on

Custom Design

Is it possible to create a ring online?
Yes. Using our Design-a-Ring™ feature, you can choose a diamond and a setting online and see how your completed ring will look. We put thousands of diamonds and hundreds of settings at your fingertips. Once you've found "the one," our expert craftsmen will place your diamond in the setting you've chosen and send the completed ring on its way to you.

Do you offer services to create custom jewelry that is "one of a kind"?
If you are interested in creating a custom piece of jewelry, please visit one of our Kay Jewelers locations.

Trade-In Policy

Do you have a trade-in policy?

You may trade in your diamond/diamond jewelry item for another diamond/diamond jewelry item that is at least double the trade-in value. The trade-in value is based on the original purchase price, excluding charges such as tax and shipping. Trade-in values are automatically generated through Kay Jewelers Trade-in Evaluation system. No trade-in value is given for gold, silver, or other metals, or gemstones.

Customers with diamond trade-in merchandise not purchased from one of our store brands, must have a North America or United Kingdom postal address that is documented on an acceptable form of ID, (i.e. Driver’s License, State ID, Permanent Resident Card which is commonly called a “Green Card”, Military ID, or Passport). Trade-ins cannot be accepted from a customer without a North America or United Kingdom address.

Retention Period for all stores EXCEPT those located in Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Delaware, and Florida: When a customer returns a purchase prior to 30 days from the purchase date and a trade-in is associated with the completed sales slip, the store CANNOT return the trade-in to the owner until the 30 day retention period is expired.

Trade-ins of in-store and online purchases are accepted at any Kay Jewelers location as allowed by law. Trade-ins are not accepted at or towards the purchase of Previously Owned Treasures.

General Merchandise Information

Why do you measure jewelry in millimeters?
The millimeter is our standard unit of measurement for jewelry dimensions. By using millimeters, we can provide you with the most accurate height, width and length for your jewelry. To give you a better idea of your jewelry's dimensions, 25MM is approximately 1 inch. See below for other approximate conversions.

3MM is approximately 1/8 inch
6MM is approximately 1/4 inch
13MM is approximately 1/2 inch
19MM is approximately 3/4 inch
25MM is approximately 1 inch
50MM is approximately 2 inches
75MM is approximately 3 inches

What determines the price of a diamond?
A diamond's value is determined by its carat weight, color, cut and clarity. For further information about diamonds please refer to the 4Cs Diamond Guide section on our website.

What determines the price of a setting fee?
A setting fee is assessed based on the size of the diamond and the metal type used to secure the diamond in the mounting.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?
White gold is pure gold that is mixed with alloys to give it a white color. Platinum is pure metal that is naturally white and much more durable and stronger than white gold.

What colored gemstones are considered precious?
Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are precious gemstones. All other gemstones are referred to as semi-precious.

What is the difference between natural and lab-created stones?
Lab-created stones are formed in a controlled environment whereas natural gemstones are formed by mother nature's natural processes. Both share the same physical, chemical and visual properties. The lab produced stone is usually free from major defects and can be structurally stronger than its natural counterpart while also achieving optimum color.

Online Tax Calculation

Final sales tax is calculated based on the shipping address zip code where the merchandise is being delivered. To get an estimated sales tax calculation, utilize the Estimated Sales Tax field located in the shopping bag. Please note: This is an estimated calculation and the amount may change depending upon on the location (zip code) of where the merchandise is being shipped.